Our lovely clients in Monmouth were looking for a designer to work with them to create a sauna to sit comfortably overlooking the natural pond in the grounds of their beautiful listed home.

Shokk&Awe’s rustic style and low impact construction eased the listed buildings planning consent required for a property of such historic status. The lodge design contains the sauna and a small changing room. We specified a Corten rusted roof, rough cut iron pine walls, a tree gutter and tree stump steps. The interiors are clad in white aspen.

The sauna is heated by a HUUM electric stove controlled remotely from your phone. Handcrafted by axe and plane the lodge was built in our Swedish workshop, then numbered and dismantled.

Shipped direct to Monmouth our team installed it over 5 days, in the wettest of Welsh summers. After a champagne toast Charles set off home to the squeals of excitement as our client’s guests discovered the sauna.

Our lodges are natural, handmade buildings so we will return to site in a couple of months to review and sort out any snagging issues.